Medikal Ürünleri

Medikal Ürünleri

tek kullanımlık tulum,

tek kullanımlık önlük,

tek kullanımlık maske,

nano maske,

yüz koruyucu siper,

yüz koruyucu gözlük,

disposable overalls,

disposable apron,

disposable mask,

nano mask,

face shield,

face protective glasses, -

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The role of medical protective clothing is to isolate germs, harmful ultra-fine dust, acid and alkali solutions, electromagnetic radiation, etc., to ensure the safety of personnel and keep the environment clean.

① Even and beautiful appearance;
② High resistance to hydrostatic pressure;
③ soft feel;
④Good breathability;
⑤ Good filtering effect;
⑥ Strong acid and alkali resistance.

Structural composition: This product is made of non-woven fabric by machine sewing and heat sealing.
Scope of application: Provides barriers and protection for blood, bodily fluids, and secretions of potentially infectious patients that are contacted by clinical medical personnel in the studio.

Product name: safety clothes
Logo:Customized Logo Printing
Usage:Barrier and protective effect Product
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